Our team

Our mission is to ensure animal welfare and bring the tasks of Canine Units closer to the public, always working to preserve our environment and the different species that live in it.


África and Wiima

Africa is a veterinary specialist in clinical ethology and animal learning. Every day, Africa admires the olfactory capacity of her dogs Wiima and Indy. Wiima is a Weimar Braco, inexhaustible, demanding and so fast that she tests your skills.


África and Indy

Indy is a Braco Vizsla. She is sensitive and shy, but she has a great ability to concentrate and be effective in her olfactory work.

Africa’s bond with her dogs is very strong.

Dídac, Bruna and Kala

Dídac has a degree in biology, a specialty in ecology, and a postgraduate degree in management of Canine Units. Bruna is a Brittany picked up from the street. The Kala is a mixed Brittany. Bruna is a bed bug detection specialist.

Laia and Bach

Laia is an expert in science communication and has always been passionate about animals.

Bach is a Bernese Mountain dog. He loves meeting new people and playing with other dogs.

Bach is training to be a sniffing dog.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at hola@dogsfordetection.com!